'First Kill' Co-Stars React To Steamy First Kiss Scene

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Aug 17, 2022 4:02 PM ET

When First Kill was released on June 10, 2022, it seemed poised for great success. Although the show was not renewed for a second season, there was plenty of social media buzz and a solid fan base.

The first episode showed promise: it was rife with popular tropes, campy aesthetics, and strong female characters. It also delivered with a passionate kiss between the two female leads, Imani Lewis and Sarah Catherine Hook.

Read more to find out about the steamy scene, why the show was canceled, and what the actresses thought of the first kiss between their characters.

Enemies To Lovers

First Kill centers on Juliette, a young vampire out for her first kill, and Calliope, a new girl in town. Juliette sets her sights on Calliope as her first kill, without knowing that Calliope comes from a powerful family of vampire hunters. Falling in love proves much easier than killing each other.

The "enemies to lovers" trope is a strong one in fiction and literature - Romeo & Juliet might be the most famous, but the trope has come up in popular queer shows like Killing Eve. Although it is the driving force behind First Kill, the show's YA genre softens some of the more toxic elements of enemies-to-lovers stories.

Viewers responded well, with the show coming in at number 7 in its first week, with over 30 million viewers. The first love scene between Lewis and Hook made a splash among fans, who were thrilled with the no-holds-barred attraction between the lead characters.

Scroll down for more about the cancellation and how they responded as they watched their onscreen characters kiss.

That Steamy Scene

The onscreen chemistry between Lewis and Hook is undeniable, and the scene doesn't hold back. It is unflinching and ravenous and full of nostalgic reminders about first love. Even though the show was canceled, the scene takes its place among lesbian love scenes that are unapologetically lustful.

The scene is a reminder of young passion and overwhelming attraction and offers young lesbian viewers a chance to unpack the dynamic that drives such relationships.

So why was such a lively and popular show shut down by Netflix? Read more to find out what the showrunners said to the media and the reason given by Netflix.

Why 'First Kill' Was Cancelled

First Kill eventually reached number 3 on Netflix, coming in behind mega-hits Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders. The show, produced by Emma Roberts and run by Felicia D. Henderson, hit all the right numbers in its first week. Henderson talked to The Daily Beast and blamed the show's cancellation on marketing that was "reductive." She went on to say that she "expected that to be the beginning and that the other equally compelling and important elements of the show — monsters vs. monster hunters, the battle between two powerful matriarchs, etc. — would eventually be promoted, and that didn’t happen.”

Although Netflix blamed the cancellation on low completion rates among viewers, fans have organized petitions to try to revive the sapphic hit. It isn't likely that the show will return but is likely to remain a cult favorite among viewers.

The Stars React To Their Kissing Scene

The actresses sat down together to watch their infamous kissing scene together, providing fans with commentary along the way. They discussed the awkward humor of highly choreographed intimate scenes, including the bloopers and accidents that took place during filming. Hook noted that she loved the scene and the way it was shot, calling it "beautiful". Both actresses clearly felt proud of the work that went into it. Whatever the future holds for both of them, the fans they won will be there to support every move.

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