Halsey's Five Hottest Fashion Moments

Halsey poses for the camera wearing a tuxedo shirt with a popped collar and a black bowtie. Her hair is pink and tied back.
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Jul 22, 2022 4:02 PM ET

Halsey first caught the attention of the internet back in 2014, when her parody of Taylor Swift's song I Knew You Were Trouble went viral on social media platforms. But it was her double-platinum album, Badlands, that made her a household name. She was nominated for three Grammy Awards and scooped up other awards from MTV and Billboard.

She also happens to be as fierce with her fashion as she is with her music and her activism. We've rounded up five times Halsey was hotter than fire. Keep scrolling to see more.

Swimsuits With Friends

When Halsey posed with Sydney Sweeney in matching cut-out one-piece swimsuits, the photo quickly racked up over 2 million likes. Halsey called Sweeney "tender and strong, my favorite lady...". The two make a striking pair, and it's clear that her fans agree with us.

The Softer Side Of Halsey

The softer side of Halsey makes an appearance here. The multi-colored leopard print minidress could double for lingerie. Her short hair and neutral makeup give this a gentle edge that suggests vulnerability. The butterfly tattoo and muted nail color are the perfect understated accessories.

Poison Ivy

What could be better than Halsey cosplaying as Poison Ivy? The DC Comics villain has earned her place among LGBTQ+ icons, having taken Harley Quinn as a girlfriend after her breakup with the Joker. The barely-there costume puts a spotlight Halsey's slender physique and toned legs. The only thing missing is her very own Harley.

A Birthday In Greece

Back in 2019, Halsey celebrated her birthday in Santorini, Greece. The popular celebrity destination is known for its stunning landscapes. She snapped a few photos while she was there, and we couldn't help but notice this casually sexy look. When it comes to fashion and accessories, she isn't always this minimalist. But a simple white tube top paired with a neutral-colored calf-length skirt and white converse can't be beat. Her curvy figure and tattoos make this look effortless and glamorous all at once.

Retro Glam

With a strapless cutout one-piece and oversized sunglasses, Halsey gives this look a throwback feeling that has us thinking of 1950s old school glam. Her unruly curls harken back to Marilyn Monroe's sometimes disheveled bob, but the delicate jewelry give this look a polished feel.

Whether Halsey is on stage, on vacation, or at a protest, she never misses a chance to show off her flawless fashion sense.

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