Dove Cameron's Four Hottest Fashion Moments

Dove Cameron poses for cameras during a photocall. She is wearing a red pantsuit and red lipstick.
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Oct 24, 2022 12:39 PM ET

Dove Cameron might be most famous for her Emmy Award-winning role in Liv and Maddie, but she was also a hit as Mal in The Descendants. Her work with the Disney channel paid off, and she starred in Vengeance, a comedy thriller also starring Ashton Kutcher and Issa Rae.

Cameron launched a singing career and made it into Billboard Hot 100 in the top 20 with her 2019 single, Boyfriend. Although she had previously come out as bisexual, she took a further step in May of 2021, when she came out as queer. As she put it, “I went on Instagram Live and said 'Guys, I really needed to explain something to you. Maybe I haven't said it, but I'm super queer." The Washington State native garnered instant support from fans and media outlets.

While juggling music, acting, and scooping up awards, she also established herself as a fashion icon. Scroll down for four of her most iconic looks.

Wild Thing

A girl can never have too much leopard print. At least, that seems to be the fashion rule Cameron is adhering to for this look. The strapless dress and oversized wrap make for a wild but sophisticated look. The textured, beachy waves in her hair and muted makeup save the outfit from feeling gaudy or overdone.

The Micro Mini

A micro mini dress with a black lace bra and black stockings is minimal but classic. There's a throwback vibe here, which Cameron seems to love. The outfit gives a nod to 1990s babydoll fashion trends, and she certainly knows how to give it a modern flair with her hair cut into a long bob.

A Vintage Vibe

Cameron does the 1960s proud here, with her floral-patterned strapless dress, oversized hoop earrings, and sweeping updo. The oversized sunglasses balance the earrings, and the delicate ear cuffs are the perfect accessory. Cameron's ability to choose dresses that compliment her slender figure is showcased in this tight-fitting ensemble. Her stacked rings and oval nails remind us that her style sense is still firmly rooted in present trends.

Lingerie And Stockings

Cameron's love of black stockings and form-fitting minidresses is back on display in this simple but fiery hot getup. Her makeup is the standout accessory in this instance, with red shades on her lips and eyes complimenting the color of her dress. Whatever she wears, her iconic style sense is always on point.

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