Four Times Jennifer Lopez Proved She's Hotter Than Fire

Jennifer Lopez poses during a photocall for the Billboard Music Awards.
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Sep 8, 2022 8:45 PM ET

Jennifer Lopez needs no introduction. Her career, spanning three decades, has encompassed movies, music, fashion design, skincare, and a fragrance line. She has sold approximately 80 million albums and remains the only female entertainer to simultaneously hold the number 1 place for an album and a movie. She had a successful run during her residency in Las Vegas.

She is also well-known for her fashion, having established herself as a style icon with impeccable taste. Scroll down for four times she's reminded her fans that she's hotter than fire.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana designed this lingerie set and jewelry that Lopez posed in for her Instagram account. The detail work and chunkiness of the accessories harken back to Madonna in the 1980s, but it is also reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. With an oversized jacket and equally large sunglasses, Lopez makes this basic set an entire outfit.

Turning 52

This look was posted by Lopex in honor of her 52cnd birthday. Her accessories are monochromatic and on-trend, but the standout here is her ability to mix prints. What ties the outfit together are coordinating colors, like red and yellow. She hits all the right notes here when it comes to being daring, festive, and still casual.

DSW And A Casual Look

When Lopez partnered with DSW, also known as the Designer Shoe Warehouse, she modeled their shoes in a variety of Instagram posts. Fans got to see the side of Lopez that is devoted to urban streetwear. Her crop and baggy jeans are a throwback to her early 1990s starlet days, while she remains true to her standard neutral lip and smoky eye. While the boots may be the centerpiece of the outfit, her oversized cardigan plays a key role in tying the look together into a relaxed ensemble.

Chocolate Tones At A Movie Premiere

In 2014, Lopez hit the red carpet for the premiere of The Last Duel, starring Jodie Comer, Matt Damon, and Adam Driver. She chose a long-sleeved crop top with an ankle-length skirt with a high slit. The beauty of the outfit was the way Lopez paired deep chocolate tones with her hair, eyes, and makeup. The glittering crystals that adorned the outfit saved the brown from going flat. Her makeup was similarly devoted to sheer, sparkly gold and chocolate tones. The only that showed here would be her chiseled abs, which add to her sleek aesthetic.

As Lopez continues to expand her empire, she can be counted on to do it all while being one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood.

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