Five LGBTQ+ Sci-Fi And Fantasy Shows To Catch This Fall

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Aug 29, 2022 4:36 PM ET

With summer cooling down and kids heading back to school, now is the time to get caught up on TV shows you may have missed. Science fiction and fantasy as genres have long been ahead of their time, often engaging in social topics and promoting equality. With LGBTQ+ representation expanding and changing, it's only natural that sci-fi/fantasy would do its part. But the choices are overwhelming, and recommendations abound. We've rounded up five sci-fi shows that you won't want to miss.

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'The Runaways'

This runaway comic hit written by Brian K. Vaughn, who also penned Paper Girls and Saga, is firmly part of the Marvel Comics Universe. The storyline toys with a familiar idea: a group of teens finds out their parents are evil supervillains. They team up to defeat their parents and learn to harness their own powers for good. The story is a nod to typical teen issues, but there's no mistake that these kids are out of this world.

The Runaways features two LGBTQ+ characters: Karolina Dean, who comes out as a lesbian in season 1, and Nico Minoru, a pagan witch who discovers she is bisexual. Dean is played by Virginia Gardner, who gives a sensitive and mature performance.

Where to watch: Disney+ and Hulu

'Astrid And Lilly Save The World'

When two best friends stumble on a portal that leads to another dimension full of monsters, they are suddenly faced with myriad problems. In addition to saving the world from grotesque creatures, the two friends must battle normal teen issues like budding romances and parental problems. Lilly is not only a lesbian herself but has been raised by two moms. There is also a play on the "enemies turned lovers" trope when Lilly finds herself in a romance with her former friend and current rival.

Where to watch: FuboTV and DirectTV


Sense8 focuses on a group of people who become telepathically linked with one another. The sensates, as they are called, spend the show exploring their powers and their connections, all while running from a powerful and shady organization. The show has a wide array of gay and lesbian characters, which is a refreshing change from shows that offer a token gay role. Two of the most popular LGBTQ+ characters are Lito, a gay man, and Nomi, a translesbian woman. Although the show takes time to develop both characters, they become highly relatable and realistic.

Where to watch: Netflix

'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow '

If you like time travel and DC Comics, this series is for you. Legends Of Tomorrow centers on a group of travelers who move through time, battling threats and trying to keep the fabric of time-space intact. The series is known for its comedy and quirks, which has been said to closely resemble the comics themselves. The show features a huge cast that frequently changes, but superhero Sara Lance is a steady bisexual presence throughout all seasons. Caity Lotz delivers a strong performance as Lance that helps buttress the show.

Where to watch: Netflix

'She-Ra And The Princess Of Power'

She-Ra and The Princess of Power might ring a bell if you grew up in the 1980s and 1990s. The series got a reboot, and this time it has a healthy dose of LGBTQ+ representation. When s teen soldier stumbles on a magic sword, she ends up taking on the role of She-Ra. She eventually fights against the institution that raised her, which means leaving her best friend, Catra. Their relationship is complex and nuanced; Screenrant called She-Ra and Catra one of the best LGBTQ+ couples in Western animation. The series also features a non-binary character named Double Trouble. These aren't the only LGBTQ+ characters in the show, but they certainly are the most memorable.

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