Four Times Kim Kardashian Rocked Two-Piece Outfits

Kim Kardashian poses for cameras during a photocall. She is wearing a black choker and her black hair is parted in the middle and pulled back in a low bun.
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Aug 22, 2022 9:13 PM ET

Kim Kardashian needs no introduction. The reality television star turned business mogul is one of the most photographed women on the planet. She is decidedly problematic, with longstanding accusations of blackfishing, but she also wields tremendous influence.

Her nearly 200 million social media followers have given her a huge platform, which she uses for advertising and personal brand promotion. In recent years, she has waded into political and legal matters, advocating for the release of prisoners and prison reform. Her decision to become a lawyer has been met with ridicule and encouragement, although she seems undeterred by public opinion.

Through it all, Kardashian has held onto her reputation as a style icon. When she was robbed in Paris in 2016, her approach to style changed - she retired her flashy jewelry and presented a simpler take on fashion. Whether glammed up or stripped down, she knows how to style a two-piece set. Scroll down for four times she lit up social media with iconic looks.

The Bare Essentials

Her love of neutral and flesh-toned makeup and clothing is well known. But when she pairs a string bikini with silver thigh-high boots, she has a fashion-forward outfit. She snapped these photos during a weightlifting session, showing off her toned abs. Kim seems to understand how the body itself can be part of fashion.

The Incredibles

A simple swimsuit becomes a look if you pair it with a knotted, sheer t-shirt. Her lack of makeup and accessories here isn't just for the water. Since she was robbed, she often goes without any accessories at all. But this hasn't stopped her from putting together everyday outfits like this one.

A Crop Top And A Mini Skirt

This glittering two-piece ensemble would be a hit all by itself. But when Kardashian pairs it with a sheer black bodysuit and pointed black boots, she elevates it with her unique twist. She has a flair for pairing metallics with black and leaning toward a futuristic look, often opting for clothing that covers and reveals her.

Monochrome Matching

Speaking of being covered up, Kardashian knows how to rock a monochrome outfit. The bubblegum pink color and the oversized black glasses create a cool contrast. Matching leggings and a crop top take on a sharper, sleeker edge when she adds thigh-high boots and a metallic jacket. As she continues to build her brand and career, you can count on her to keep delivering unique and stylish looks.

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