Absolutely Stunning: Chrishell Stause's Best Looks

Chrishell Stause smiles for cameras during a photo call for LA Family Housing.
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Aug 3, 2022 2:58 PM ET

Chrishell Stause first gained recognition as an actress, with roles in All My Children and Days of Our Lives. More recently, she was seen on reality shows like Selling Sunset and Dancing With The Stars.

She made headlines in late June of this year, after opening up to Vogue magazine about her relationship with nonbinary rapper, G Flip. She debuted the relationship on Selling Sunset, taking viewers by surprise. She ended her marriage to a man in 2019, and many fans assumed she was heterosexual. She described her relationship with G Flip as being "unlocked", meaning they had the key to her heart and "walls were down with no rules or regulations".

Chrishell Stause is also known for her good looks and her fiery fashion sense. Scroll down for four times Stause lit up social media and reminded us all of the goddess she's become.

That Flapper Minidress

When Stause posed for the camera wearing a bejeweled flapper dress, she knew what she was doing. The post quickly racked up almost 100,000 likes. Stause is skilled at channeling an Old Hollywood style that exudes polished glamour. The A-symmetrical hemline gives the dress a sense of movement that the viewer can see even in a still photo.

Reinterpreting The Classics

Stause hit the red carpet for the MTV Movie and TV Awards, wearing stylish black trousers and a simple black top that bared her midriff and accentuated her breasts. The flared dress pants are a wardrobe staple that would normally be styled as part of a business casual look. But Stause kicked up the sex appeal with an unconventional top that shows off her physique. The minibag and lack of jewelry give this look an air of sophistication.

Wild Thing

No fashion list is complete without a swimsuit! Luckily, Stause's impeccable fashion sense extends to bathing suits. Her choice of a leopard print bikini was certainly popular, racking up shy of half a million likes. The tie-front top adds a feminine, unusual detail to the suit. Her dancer's body is on full display, and the color-coordinated sunglasses give this look a sleek feeling.

That Vintage Vibe

It seems like Stause is exceptionally talented when it comes to summoning a vintage vibe. Here she strikes a pose in an ultra-feminine ensemble, complete with lace and ruffles. But her bouffant hair, throwback headband, and cat-eye sunglasses take the viewer back to a style reminiscent of the 1950s and the 1960s. It is the perfect balance of old-school glamour and relaxed modern sensibilities.

Wherever Stause's career takes her next, she is sure to keep her status as a fashion icon.

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