Ezra Miller Back In Hot Water As New Details Emerge In Assault Case

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Jul 11, 2022 7:00 PM ET

Ezra Miller can't seem to stay out of trouble or out of the headlines. In recent months, the former sweetheart of independent cinema has had repeated run-ins with the law. Now two more women have come forward with new details about his behavior and a 2020 assault. Miller's career has taken a hit too: media outlets announced earlier this week that Warner Brothers dropped them from their contract to star in upcoming projects involving the Justice League and Flash.

Keep reading to find out more about the disturbing new allegations, why Warner Brothers finally decided to recast the role of Flash, and Miller's uncertain future.

Choking, Spitting, And Fights Over Tobacco

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According to one woman who spoke to Variety magazine, she met Miller at a bar in Reykjavík, Iceland in 2020. Miller became a regular in bars there after the filming for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore was shut down in London due to Covid-19. Miller was easily recognizable in the bars they frequented, and they were known for befriending locals. But bartenders who spoke with Variety recount a different side to Miller - one that was hostile, short-tempered, and prone to violence. The bartender at Prikið Kaffihús, the pub where the assault took place, remembers breaking up another fight that didn't make headlines. But the next one would. Miller's victim approached them one night, aware of their amiable reputation among the locals. They had wounds on his feet, and she pointed them out, joking that she could take Miller in a fight. Miller insisted she could not, and things quickly began to escalate. They told her to meet them in the smoking room for a fight and then later confronted her in the parking lot. Some of the attack was caught on tape and posted to TikTok when it happened, but the new details have only just emerged. The victim will only speak out anonymously, out of fear for her safety.

This experience is closely mirrored by another woman who will only identify herself by her first name, Nadia. Nadia and Miller were close friends for two years, with one consensual sexual encounter that occurred in 2020. In February of 2022, the actor went to Nadia's apartment. When she told them that they couldn't smoke in her home, they began to verbally attack her, calling her a Nazi and throwing tobacco around her living room. While the encounter is less intense than what others have experienced, their volatile temper was clear to Nadia. She felt, as she said, unsafe in their presence.

Keep scrolling to review what's gone wrong in Miller's recent past, how they lost their biggest role yet, and what's ahead for the troubled actor.

A Fast Decline

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While Miller was once known for their potential and their talent, most of the media attention has lately been because of their increasingly erratic behavior. According to reports by MSN, in the last two years Miller has been charged with multiple counts of drug possession, disorderly conduct, and assault. A couple in Hawaii accused Miller of breaking into their hostel bedroom, verbally abusing them, and stealing identification and wallets. They were granted a restraining order against Miller.

He has also been accused of grooming a minor named Tokata Iron Eyes, who recently turned 18. Her parents filed for a protective order against the actor, alleging that he groomed their activist daughter and gave her large doses of LSD. Iron Eyes is allegedly living with Miller, who was out of the public eye for some time following the initial accusations by her parents. In the next sections, we'll look at how his career has suffered and what's next for the troubled actor.

Flash And Warner Brothers $20 Million Problem

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In June, Warner Bros. announced that they would be dropping Miller as Flash from all future projects. The decision comes after public pressure to hold Miller accountable for their behavior. While they are the main star of the upcoming 2023 feature film, Flash, they are barred from attending the movie's press junket and promotional tour. Warner Bros. have also been encouraged to release the film on HBO instead of in theaters, but this would mean taking a huge financial hit on a high-budget blockbuster. But the role of Flash was recurring, and hugely lucrative for Miller. It also helped move them from indie star to household name and added actors like Ben Affleck to their roster of costars. But now that Miller has been dropped by Warner Bros., their professional future seems murky. Scroll to the last section for more on what's ahead for Miller.

An Uncertain Future

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Miller's talent is undeniable and very much at stake right now. Fans have advocated for Warner Bros. to be more involved in helping Miller, and a spokesman confirmed that they have tried in the past to intervene and get them professional help. But all efforts failed, at least according to the company. While it remains unclear what the future holds for Miller, it is clear that they will have to answer to the people they assaulted and hurt in the past. Get the latest LGBTQ+ news right here at Twelve Past Midnight.

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